Coconut Bangers Ball (January 2007)

Coconut Bangers Ball was the first album since we became an instrumental band that we included songs with vocal tracks on them.   Before this time, we have had people jump up on stage to sing covers

Christoph Kotyk sang WAIT,  Al ‘Yeti” Bones sang Animal Farm (Clutch)

Paolo Rizzo (Burn the Radio) wrote lyrics for 2 songs on this album, and tracked them in our rehearsal studio

During the initial writing phase of this album, Alain Daigle was drumming for us, and wrote “Working the Red Eye” with us, which laid the foundation for the rest of the album.

This album was Recorded at our studio in Toronto Canada, and mixed with Rob Sanzo at Signal 2 Noise.

Mastered by Tim Reesor
Artwork Design, Tryg Smith – Bydesign Graphics

Track Listing

Coconut Bangers Ball - Digital - MP3
Coconut Bangers Ball (2007) - encoded at 320kbps
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1. Workin the Red Eye
2. Newest Elephant
3. Beer Can Chicken Jam
4. The Chong Song
5. Wolf Brother from Another Mother
6. Atomic Soothsayers and Bovine Maidens
7. Louder than Sixty at Ten Miles
8. Sludge Monkey