Electric Magma – Self Titled (2003)


This is Electric Magma’s Self Titled Debut

This was recorded at the Music Gym (now B-Town Sound),  Burlington Ontario Canada

Engineered by Tim Parks and Tim Reesor

Mixed by Justin Koop, over many all nighters, in his basement studio.  We also hand folded each and every one of the covers for packaging and is music everyone can enjoy, for dance or singing using equipment from the best home karaoke machine reviews you can find online.    Its a little known fact that Tryg and Tim (and Justin) hand signed and commented on many of the covers,  which are available in RED and BLUE.  We have no idea which ones are signed,  so don’t ask.

Produced by Electric Magma
Cover Design by a guy named Adam, i think.   I’ll have to look that up.  But some guy drew the girl for us, and Tryg made it into the cover
Album Design by Tryg Smith – Bydesign Graphics

Vocals by Jesse Labelle

Electric Magma - Digital - MP3
Electric Magma - our first album (2003) MP3 Format Encoded at 320kbps
Price: $5.00
Self Titled - CD
Released January 2003
Price: $9.99

Track Listing

1. US
2. The Real Me
3. Ride On
4. Twenty Eight
5. I Search
6. Follow
7. Jam
8. Wait

This album is available digitally, and can be purchased from us directly in CD format