Karaoke Bitch Slap (July 2004)

This was Electric Magma’s first album as an instrumental band

This was recorded at Signal 2 Noise studios, downtown Toronto Canada

Engineered and Mixed by Rob Sanzo

Produced by Electric Magma

Mastered by Andy Krehm, Silverbirch Productions

Album Design – Tryg Smith – Bydesign Graphics

Karaoke Bitchslap - CD - SOLD OUT
Released July 2004
Price: $9.99
Karaoke Bitch Slap - Digital - MP3
Karaoke Bitch Slap (2004) - encoded at 320kbps
Price: $5.00

Track Listing

1. Drive-in
2. The Crutch That I Wear
3. Moosehead Pie
4. Dirt
5. Eduardo’s Revenge
6. The Blue Song
7. Catribs
8. Crackwhore Metaphor

This album is available both digitally,  and is available for purchase in CD format