Mudshovel (April 2009)

Mudshovel was the first self recorded/produced album that we have done.   This album also included guest vocals, by long time friend Christoph Kotyk.

This album was recorded in our rehearsal studio, and started out a lot doomier than it finished up as.

While uploading our album to the digital distribution websites, Tim was probably drinking beer and wrote track 6 wrong.   He didn’t notice until a few weeks later when pirated copies started spewing up on the internet with the wrong title.

Recorded and Mastered by Tim Reesor
Produced and Mixed by Electric Magma
Album artwork by Tryg Smith – Bydesign Graphics

Mudshovel - Digital album - MP3
Mudshovel - Released 2009 - encoded 320kbps
Price: $5.00
MUDSHOVEL - Collectors TIN
Released April 2009
Price: $9.99

Track Listing

1. Tokener
2. Thirty Thousand Too Much
3. Glen Zappa
4. Alexander Supertramp 1970
5. Poisoned by Puppet Strings
6. It Seemed Important, But it Was Just a Moment in Time
7. Unsung One
8. Church of Mike Seaver
9. She


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