Snail The Wah (November 2005)

The initial thought for this album, is that we wanted to have it on Vinyl, as a double LP, one being studio tracked, composed tunes,  and the other album being live off the floor one off jams.  Unfortunately, it only made it CD.   Our  hope is that it will one day be re-issued on Vinyl, as it was intended.

Long time friend Chris Moniz created the cover, which was oil pained on canvas.

At this point, Justin Koop moved out of his basement, into an old house in Ancaster Ontario.   He was taking a break to welcome his new son James into the world, and let us use the studio while he was away.

We tracked and jammed, and tracked and jammed over the course of the next 4 days,  and Snail the Wah was born.

Produced by Electric Magma
Mixed at Signal 2 Noise studios by Rob Sanzo
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverburch Productions
Artwork by Chris Moniz – Album Design by Tryg Smith, Bydesign Graphics

Snail the Wah - Digital Album - MP3
This zip file contains the full album encoded at 320kpbs
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Snail the Wah - CD
Released in 2005 - Recorded in Burlington ONTARIO in Justin Koops Studio Our only album to have off the floor jams on it. it was a blast to make, very fond memories for us for this one.
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Price: $9.99

Track Listing

All songs can be bought for $0.75 each.

Part 1

1- Intro
2. Red Dragon
3. Two Shots of Jager and the Bill
4. Snail the Wah
5. Cusp of Aquarius
6. Aquarius
7. Attack of the Big Brown Eggs

Part 2 – the Jams

8. Interlude
9. Beertastic Bongfoolery
10. Lost Shadows and Diatribes of an Albino Groundhog
11. Rage of the Desert love song
12. Bongtastic Beerfoolery
13. Lacuna Crush

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