The Jams (2005)

There is a guy named Rick, from Toronto Ontario,  who we met on who had a screen name of Rainy Daze.   Do you remember him?

Anyhoo, we used to drink with him regularly at “the Office’ in Toronto.   He asked us if we had any recorded Jams, which we didn’t.     We jammed very often then,  even during shows (around that time, we even did a show that consisted of one long 30 minute jam), and over the next week or two, recorded a few and email them off to Rainy

One day before a show,  he called us, and asked if it were ok if he could show up with a bunch of CD’s with 3 jams on it to hand out at the show.   Of course we said “absolutely”

Rick showed up with about 20 CD’s with a cover made up and everything.  Very nicely done.  We miss that guy.

A month or two later,  we start getting emails from Russia, asking where they could buy this album that has become very popular in their area.    For a long time, there was confusion to whether or not we released this as an album.

Track Listing

1.Jam one
2.Jam two
3.Jam three