— Silverball (2015)

EM_SilverballWe decided to get outside of our box again for this particular album “Silverball”   Rob Sanzo was the last person outside of the band to produce the band.

We enlisted Ian Blurton to help us with this record, and had asked him to kind of just guide us along “his” way.   From time to time it brought us out of our comfort zone, but the end result is a killer riff heavy record.   This record was recorded with Ian at ProGold in Toronto over some pretty cold days.


Mastered by Brad at Audio Siege.
Artwork Design, Tryg Smith – Bydesign Graphics


Silverball - LP Record
NOW IN STOCK!!!!!! This record was produced, recorded and mixed by Ian Blurton.
Price: $20.00

Track Listing

Silverball - Digital - Full Album
Silverball - Digital - Full Album
Electric Magma is back with their newest album SILVERBALL. This album was recorded, mixed and produced in Toronto by Ian Blurton and Electric Magma.
Price: $5.00

Individual Tracks can be purchased for $0.75 each

2. Tad
3. The Oscillator
4. Solenoid Kicker
5. The Gyroscope
6. Sidebar
7. The Pendulum
8. Multiball